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              Shandong Haiyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the R & D and sales of new water rescue equipment and search and rescue positioning system.With the acceleration of the integration of the world economy and the globalization of information, our country and other countries in the world are at-taching great importance to the marine conomy.The marine shipping industry has developed rapidly and the trend of large-scale,automated and high-speed ships is becoming more and more obvious. At the same time, the probability of marine accidents is also increasing.The search and rescue of peoplefalling into the waterat sea is directly related to the happiness of countless families, and even affects the country 's intermational image and the country'smaritime safety environment.
      According to the statitics of our country's maritime affars department,from 2003 to 2008, our countrys cargo ship maritime accidents reached more
      than 3,000, and the number of dead and missing persons reached more than 2,.700.According to relevant expers,in a maritime accident,the crew memberwho fell into the water will not immediately disappear or die, mostly because the search and rescue time is too long and the rescue is not available in time,
              leading to death or drifting missing. People whofal into the water lack floating life-saving equipment and are prone to drowning. and immersion in low-temperature seawater can easily cause freezing.For example, when the water temperature isO0., a person can only survive for 15 minutes; when the watertemperature is 5?, it can survive for about i hour.In this vast ocean,search and rescue operations are indeed difticult to expand,and the will also be af-fected by various factors,such as the inpact of weather and sea conditions, and thedifculty of multi-organization and coodination of system departmentsduring lifesaving.
      With the development of lectronics and computer technology we can't wait to develop new types of marine life-saving equipment.Based on long-term ship monitoring and development experience, after a lot of research and practicalapplication analysis., comibined with.advance(
      technology from developed countriesin the world, our company has developed a set of Search and rescue positioning system so that when aship or cres crashed, the specificloeation of the ship and.the crew-member can be determined as soon aspossile, sol as to achieve the purpose ofrapd rescue and save the life of the creymember.